Referral Management Services

Referral Management Services

Medical Healthcare Solutions Referral Management System tracks patient referrals for home health agencies, hospice agencies, and post-acute care facilities in a single system and accepts referrals within minutes eliminating missed or delayed referrals.

Using MHS Referral Management, customers automatically receive and can respond to referrals from hospitals, collect important marketing information and enter referrals from non-electronic sources which streamlines the intake process and allows them to achieve sales and census management goals.


Back-office Integration

Automatically transfer hospital referral information into back-office clinical and financial systems eliminating the re-keying of referral information

Mobile Referrals

MHS Mobile Referral Management extends referral access to a web-enabled cell phone. Intake personnel or liaisons on the field receive, review and respond to referrals from their mobile device.

Discharge Planning

Send referrals with assessment data to the next appropriate level of care through Referral Management Discharge Planning

Automatic Referrals

Receive and respond to referrals from electronic and non-electronic sources via notifications eliminating missed or delayed referrals. Eliminate manual re-entry of referral data, saving 10-15 minutes per referral.

Take control of the referral process

When it comes to ensuring proper continuity of care for patients, the timely and accurate processing of referrals is critical. With MHS, you can receive and respond instantly to electronic patient referrals; therefore, enhancing your market presence, streaming the intake process and achieving sales and census management goals.

  • Receive referrals automatically, eliminating missed or delayed referrals
  • Automatic notification of referral activity by pager, cell phone, or email
  • Manage all referrals through the sales process
  • Track approval process
  • Increase accuracy and speed of referral processing
  • Eliminate manual re-entry of referral data, saving 10-15 minutes per referral
  • Re-use data collected during the patient’s stay at the previous level of care:  demographic, insurance, and clinical information
  • Improve patient service and satisfaction
  • Market online to referral sources and monitor effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Generate comprehensive reports