My Name is Barbara Manni.  I am an 8-year breast cancer survivor.   I create designer bandanas for cancer patients called KareChiefs, ® and original logos for our clothing and accessories called More Than Pink ™ We create awareness that we need to find a cure for all cancers.  Although my color is pink…. we believe EVERY COLOR NEEDS A CURE™   We started our company in 2008 after winning my own battle with breast cancer.  I had been diagnosed after finding a lump during a self-breast exam.  After undergoing surgeries, chemo therapy, and radiation treatments, I am one of the lucky ones and grateful to say I am cancer free.  I know how important it is to do my part and give back.   We use a portion of our sales to donate our KareChiefs ® (which I created for myself when I lost my hair from chemo) to local hospitals, charities and those in need.  When you buy our products, you’re not only helping the cause by sharing our message and creating awareness that we need to find a cure, you are helping us to give hope to a cancer patient going through incredibly difficult times.

Our latest Logo GIRL FIGHT will be available October 1.  To see our product, you can visit our website at