5 Tips to Maximize Surgery Center Billing

Maintaining a healthcare center can be quite costly. For those in charge of revenue management for medical practices, it can be a task to make sure all cylinders are functioning and a healthy flow of revenue is constant. This can be an obstacle for general health practitioners, but for surgery centers, revenue cycle management becomes even more complex. With special coding regulations in place specifically for surgical services and increased interaction with outside parties, the surgery center billing process creates a unique set of circumstances that only a surgery center can appreciate. Although there are many ways to cut costs in order to ensure the financial health of your surgery center, there are also things you can do within the medical billing process to contribute to the overall health and wellness of your practice. Here are 5 tips to maximize surgery center billing.

Manage Billing Turnaround Time

One of the general guidelines we advise is to send claims the same day charges are entered. If there is any time difference between when charges are entered and claims are sent, it can point to a larger problem that should be resolved within your billing department or significant delays in receiving payment for your services. As a general rule of thumb charges should be entered two to five days after a service has been rendered.

Identify Coding Issues Before it Becomes a Problem

We also advise surgery centers to conduct routine audits using an outside coding company. Audits can help you identify your weakest link so that you can resolve the problem before it causes anymore damage. Audits also provide accountability to your billing department in such a way that creates incentive to prioritize accuracy. This is another reason we recommend using an outside coding company to conduct the audit in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Your audits should return results above 90 percent accuracy. Some of the most common discrepancies found during audits are differences between what was performed during a procedure and what was dictated. Routine audits can ensure the quality of your coding to maximize speedy payments for the procedures you perform.

Assemble Detailed Patient Charts

It is very important to master comprehensive patient charts for all patients to ensure accurate coding and billing. Every patient chart should include patient identification, insurance identification, insurance verification, insurance authorization, all medical records, and any payment agreements that have been made. This information should be readily accessible to the staff in charge of coding. Coders often need to reference this information in order to dictate accurate codes for billing procedures.

Don’t Forget To Post Payments

Payment posting should be performed in a timely manner. This is an area in which you can experience unnecessarily long delays if not attended to properly. We strongly advise making daily payment posting a priority. Billing professionals should always review explanation of benefits for each patient and procedure in order to identify any potential problems early on in the process. It’s also equally important that the payment process is always in motion whether it needs to be posted to the insurance or to the patient.

Communication With Patients

Communication is key! It’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your patients from the moment they first enter your business until the very last payment has been made relating to their procedure. Arming your patients with knowledge every step of the way will help keep them in the loop in terms of their own health and as it relates to what they see on their bills. It’s not easy to decipher a medical bill and patients are quick to contest something they don’t understand. Therefore, ensuring that your staff is available to explain what’s on a bill and making sure they stay in contact with the patients until a bill is paid, will contribute positively to the overall revenue cycle.
These are just a few of our tips to maximize your surgery center billing. To find out more about how we can help your surgery center save money and manage the health of your revenue cycle, contact us. We provide free demonstrations and would be happy to help get your revenue cycle functioning at a high quality level.

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The Advantages of Using Surgical Billing and Coding Services

Surgical Billing and Coding Services are a must have for healthcare providers. It is advantageous to utilize a surgical billing and coding provider for many reasons. Primarily a good provider will offer first-hand knowledge of the latest industry requirements for medical coding and billing. Additionally, they will be equipped with advanced software technology that can provide efficient means to handle all facets of surgery coding and billing procedures.

The process of medical billing itself is a complex system that can serve as the backbone of running a medical practice. The purpose of medical billing and coding is to process various forms of patient data including treatment records and corresponding insurance information, as well as reaching out to insurance representatives, coding patient’s diagnosis as well as requesting payments from necessary parties. The final result of this process ensures that healthcare providers are paid properly and efficiently for the services they perform. In regards to surgery, your surgical billing and coding team should have expert knowledge on what is special and unique about billing for general surgery. They should be able to keep surgeons bonus-able and help surgeons to avoid expensive billing and coding mistakes in order to maximize your profits.

If you’re a surgeon trying to handle these complex systems in the house, we’ll outline what the advantages are for using a surgical billing and coding service instead.

Uniformity and Compliance

The main aim of surgical billing and coding is to ensure uniformity. Having a service provider handle your billing and coding needs ensures that all of your billing and coding procedures are uniform across the board. Having a provider also ensures that your billing and coding procedures comply with the latest coding and billing requirements outlined for your particular industry. Additionally, a provider is more likely to acquire any needed credentialing and education necessary to maintain industry standards.

Accurate and Timely Billing

When you work with a surgical billing and coding provider, we make it our job to ensure that every facet of your revenue cycle management is working properly and that includes accurately billing insurance providers as well as patients. The nature of a professional third-party medical billing and coding service naturally lends itself to offering a network of medical billing and coding professionals to address any additional needs that might come up as it relates to your revenue cycle management. In particular, at MHS, we make it our mission to help you avoid costly mistakes such as incorrect billing codes or untimely billing practices. We work with all parties involved to ensure that your billing is accurate and that you get paid in a timely fashion.

Enhance Revenue Cash Flow

And finally, hiring a surgical billing and coding can boost revenue and cash flow. Although at first glance it may seem that hiring an outside professional or company to handle billing and coding can be more costly, it’s actually quite the opposite. Outsourcing these services can actually save you money in the long run. Additional costs such as employee taxes, vacation and time-off, educational expenses to ensure your employees stay up to date, and other expenses can be avoided when you outsource.  Medical coding and billing services are specially designed to handle complex patient billing tasks with efficiency. MHS offers quick and error-free surgery coding and billing procedures that not only eliminate paperwork but also minimize claim denials and thereby enhancing revenue and cash flow.
If you’re interested in finding out how MHS can help your practice save money and manage revenue cycle management more efficiently, give us a call. Outsourcing surgery coding to Medical Healthcare Solutions is the right professional solution for billing and coding needs that can help you to save substantially.

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Who can Benefit from Neurocognitive Testing?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Neurocognitive testing is a method for non-invasively measuring brain function. It uses computerized tests or paper and pencil kinds of examinations to evaluate the most important aspects of cognition, including reaction time, memory, attention span, language, and perception. Neurocognitive testing is much more effective and accurate than simply asking someone how they’re feeling or how they’re doing because it actually measures how they’re feeling or doing by assessing their response to specific tasks.

These tasks are formulated with the direct intention of assessing specific brain function aspects, and by measuring responses to these tasks, it is possible to gain a fairly clear idea of what’s happening in the brain. The real value of Neurocognitive testing is that it provides perfectly objective tests so that responses can be compared to those responses from a much wider population, or against the same person’s responses from a previous test. In this way, is possible to obtain a snapshot of any person’s brain health.

Advantages of Neurocognitive testing

The primary advantages of neuro-cognitive testing stem from the fact that it is far less invasive than any other type of brain measurement test, and it’s also far less costly. It takes very little time to complete neuro-cognitive testing, and the test can be administered in an ordinary setting in a classroom or office, with the patient supplying answers at a desk or on a tablet.

It is also far superior to surgical methods which may involve risk to the patient, as well as taking up a considerable amount of time. Through evaluation of a patient’s responses to some simple questions and tests, it can effectively be determined whether the patient has any kind of learning disability, is suffering from dementia, or whether the patient might be experiencing the symptoms commonly incurred after a concussion.

Who can benefit from Neurocognitive testing?

A leader in the field of neuro-cognitive brain testing is the company called BrainCheck, which has devised brain tests which accurately identify a person’s brain health at any given moment. Medical Healthcare Solutions Inc. of Andover, MA has partnered with BrainCheck to provide all its clients with a simple test that can be used to advantage by anyone who is suspected of having suffered some kind of cognitive loss or degradation. The people who might benefit from this kind of test includes athletes, elderly persons, children, and just about everyone else.

In years past, concussion symptoms were frequently missed, partly because athletes were unaware of the possibility of a concussion, and also due to the fact that it was not widely known how prevalent concussions are in contact sports. With no medical expertise necessary whatsoever, a neuro-cognitive test can be administered right on the playing field to determine whether or not an athlete has sustained a concussion or some kind of violent trauma to the head area.

Athletes are not the only ones who might benefit from Neurocognitive testing, however. Elderly people who are suspected of early-stage dementia can also be evaluated and diagnosed, based on the responses they provide to testing tasks. While dementia cannot be cured or reversed, it is always advantageous to diagnose it as early as possible, so that the impacts can be slowed, and so that patients can be more closely monitored.

Neuro-cognitive testing can also be used effectively on youngsters to determine whether or not they have learning disabilities. Any child who is suspected of having a learning disability can be given a neuro-cognitive test, and have the results compared to the broader population of children’s scores, to see where abilities are lacking. This can be very important in a young person’s life because learning disabilities can be overcome if they are identified and reacted to.

In the broadest sense, almost everyone can benefit from Neurocognitive testing, especially if tests are taken periodically throughout a person’s life. The results from each test at a given point in someone’s life can be considered a baseline for that specific age and can be compared to the same test scores from previous years. When there are significant variations in the test scores, this could be a cause for concern and should be something that is investigated, to determine if there has been an actual cognitive drop-off.

The tests have been designed in such a way that they won’t be any easier or harder at various points in a person’s life, and are not related in any way to knowledge acquired throughout a lifetime. By simply measuring the time it takes to respond, and the accuracy of those responses, a glimpse into brain function can be provided at any point in a person’s life.

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Medical Billing Company

Why MHS is the Right Medical Billing Company For You

Deciding to outsource revenue cycle management for your practice to a third-party is a tough decision. While you may like the idea of keeping this very important task of medical billing in-house, there are many reasons why entrusting this factor of your business to a skilled third-party medical billing professional could be a more beneficial route to take. Choosing the right medical billing professional is key to unlocking many missed opportunities, saving money for your business and increasing your bottom line. Here’s why Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (MHS) is the right choice.


Experience sometimes is better than education. However, you’ll see that MHS possesses both. Here’s just a snapshot of our commitment to the healthcare industry over the last couple of decades.  Our President/CEO, Stephen P. Brighton, has extensive senior management experience in medical administration as well as his extensive and successful sales experience selling medical billing services. With an educational background in Marketing Management and Biological Science, Mr. Brighton has built a medical billing company that can cater to business aspects of the organization as well as consulting with his clients on medical administration and reimbursement procedures. Our CFO, Regina S Brighton, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with a Minor in Exercise Physiology. Regina has several years consulting with various medical organizations for accounts receivable collections. Utilizing her medical terminology knowledge and consulting experience, Regina has worked with the President of MHS to develop the billing service from one client to over 1500 physicians. This focus on education and experience within our company is what allows us to provide excellent service to our clients.  Our leadership and staff collectively represent decades of medical billing experience and service to the healthcare community.



We guarantee to provide the most efficient, effective and professional medical billing service possible. We will continually work with you to provide the most effective and up-to-date services available for your practice.  Longevity of clients in the Healthcare industry confirms the strength of the service being provided. MHS is proud of the number of providers who have continually remained with us through the years because of satisfaction with our work. Our providers are our best advocates and are more than willing to act as referrals by sharing their experience with prospective clients. We continually monitor the market for the very best tools available to provide the most efficient services to our providers. As you explore our website, you will notice that MHS is at the cutting edge of technology advancements, allowing us to provide the very best of service to our clients. As the premier national medical billing company, we are proud to offer our medical billing services throughout the United States. MHS employs more than 150 personnel to handle the billing requirements of our providers, including a team of certified coders by multiple specialties.

Full Service

MHS provides complete medical billing, electronic health records and practice management services for Healthcare Professionals. Our full scope of services provide our clients with quality medical billing support at every turn. Healthcare Analytics, ASC Revenue Cycle Management, Student Health Services Billing, Revalidation, Electronic Health Records, Revenue Cycle Management, and Doctor Credentialing are just a few of the services we offer. Each service is tailored and customized to fit the individual needs of our clients.



Not to mention our extensive reporting feature. We provide analytical reports that can give you an in-depth look at how your business is performing, point out areas for improvement, and that will help identify ways you can save more money, collect payments faster, and increase the overall profit of your business.

Want to see us in action? Request information or schedule a free billing analysis. You’ll more about all of our services and solutions. Call us at 800-762-9800 or fill out our form here.

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why you should be using a medical billing company

Why You Should Be Using A Medical Billing Company

A medical billing company is a valuable resource for physicians, medical practices, and other similar healthcare providers. There are many things medical billing professionals do other than post bills to patients. A good medical billing company will handle entering data about your patients into a patient management software such as patient information, physician information, medical codes, insurance information, as well as payment information. Additionally, medical billing professionals will help keep the payment process moving by re-submitting claims, interacting with all necessary parties to complete the billing process, as well as collecting payments from patients and insurers.

While some medical practices opt to do these services in house, there are many reasons why these services should be outsourced to a qualified medical billing company.


You will save money outsourcing medical billing to a third-party provider. The costs related to purchasing software and hiring and training staffers to do the work typically exceeds the amount you would pay to a medical billing service. In addition, medical billing companies will likely keep a closer eye on denied claims, forms, bills, and other issues that come up with medical billing while one or two staffers in your office may overlook these important issues causing severely delayed or lost payments.


Medical billing companies are invested in staying up to date with the latest laws and regulations related to medical billing and patient management. Being compliant ensures that their clients are receiving the high quality service they can rely on. A medical billing company will award peace of mind that your practice’s medical billing practices comply with new laws, regulations, and industry standards.


Another reason why you should hire a medical billing company is to better serve your patients by dedicating your time and resources to treating your patients instead of having to deal with billing. Running a practice brings a lot of responsibility, however outsourcing the revenue cycle to a third party provider frees up your time to focus on patient care.


Most medical billing companies will be able to provide comprehensive reporting on each aspect of the revenue cycle to show you where improvements can be made whether it’s during patient intake or after. This reporting provides an in depth look into the inner workings of your process and point out how to make it more efficient which could resolve cash flow issues, improve payment collection, and shorten the time between the patient’s visit and receiving the final payment. Without medical billing experts to help identify some of these opportunities, you could be leaving money on the table.

A medical billing company can provide a streamlined process starting with patient intake all the way through to final collections relating to the patient’s visit. Making sure this process is working at optimum levels is vital to the financial health of your practice. This process is called revenue cycle management and it’s all about processing information in a timely and strategic manner that will result in collecting payments as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In addition, a medical billing company will be able to communicate the status of your revenue cycle management and make recommendations for improvement. Overall, the business side of your practice must be working efficiently in order to keep it running. A medical billing company can help any practice do just that.  Contact MHS today to set up a demo and we can show you how we can help improve your bottom line.

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