Medical Billing Naples, FL

Medical Billing Company Naples

Medical Billing Company Naples

Our medical billing company in Naples has all the same capabilities as our main office at Medical Healthcare Solutions in Andover, Massachusetts. You can get all the same reliable and professional services from our Naples team as you can from the Andover team, especially that of medical coding and billing. These days, it’s more important than ever that you submit all your insurance claims correctly and in a timely fashion. Any delays or claim denials can tie up your reimbursements for long periods of time, and that’s not good for your bottom line.

Services offered by Medical Healthcare Solutions in Naples 

Our Naples location can provide all the services most needed by today’s healthcare providers and facilities. In addition to medical coding and billing services, we offer a wide variety of other services which are designed to help providers focus on what they do best, while we handle some of the administrative burden. For instance, we can offer short-term and long-term Practice Management Consulting, we offer Credentialing Services, electronic medical records, charge-capturing through PDA’s, and online scheduling, billing, and data entry. 

The majority of our clients avail themselves of our specialty service, which is our sophisticated medical billing process. When you collaborate with us on medical billing, you can anticipate better cash flow, electronic claim submissions, customized financial reporting which will help you with management decisions, state-of-the-art coding techniques, and full confidentiality in all aspects of our work for you. We can provide student healthcare billing for colleges and universities, mobile medical billing, medical scheduling, referral management services, and even a patient portal which will help you maintain better contact with all your patients.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics is another area that has received a great deal of attention in recent months, due to the fact that some very valuable insights into patient care which can be gained by assessing the demographics associated with patients. Since the medical industry is currently gravitating toward a model of value-based reimbursement rather than volume-based care, it was inevitable that greater access to large amounts of data would be needed.

Much of this data revolves around billing systems, health information exchanges, and electronic medical records, and this is an area where Medical Healthcare Solutions can really provide a big boost to your practice. Recent studies have shown that less than 20% of all healthcare organizations have the necessary staff training to collect and analyze significant amounts of patient data, even if it’s available. This is where we can offer major assistance.

We can provide you with healthcare analytical services that bring tremendous value to your healthcare business. We have state-of-the-art information management technology, which we can combine with all the latest statistical approaches to make your healthcare analytics as meaningful as possible. We can help you make best use of predictive industry analytics, and this will allow you to achieve more advantageous outcomes with your patients.

We can also evaluate your business model to achieve optimizations that may never have occurred to you before. This might also have a major impact on your future performance, and it can provide you with insights for achieving incremental changes toward an optimal model. Our high-powered databases will provide the most current medical information available, so that you can always make the most informed and accurate decisions.

When your healthcare facility reaches optimal capacity utilization and is able to significantly improve patient service, it follows naturally that you will have enhanced business performance, and that new opportunities for improvement will continue to be available to you.

Contact us at Medical Healthcare Solutions Naples 

If you’d like to improve the efficiency of your healthcare facility operations, help may be just a phone call away. Contact us at Medical Healthcare Solutions, so you can take advantage of the many services we provide to today’s progressive healthcare practices. Medical coding and billing alone could provide a tremendous benefit to your organization, and if you choose to couple that with some of the other modern medical services we offer, you could experience a real boost in company growth in the near future. Don’t get left behind by the more innovative healthcare organizations you have to compete with – contact us and start improving your processes as well.