Medical Billing Boston, MA


Medical Billing Boston

There are a number of reasons why you might need a Boston medical billing service, and when you do, we hope you’ll consider Medical Healthcare Solutions first. It could be that your medical practice has been growing very nicely in recent years and that the administrative tasks have been piling up on you. Whereas you may once have been able to handle all the medical billing yourself, the sheer volume of those medical claims may now have reached the point where it’s taking up way too much of your time, and detracting from the medical care you deliver.

You might also be less than satisfied with the service delivered by your former medical billing service, perhaps because there have been too many claim denials, or the follow-up on them has not been satisfactory. Whatever the reason might be, you’ll have some choices when it comes to finding a reputable medical billing company to work with. Our Boston medical billing firm has been in business since 1995, and we’ve had more than two decades to become well-versed in all aspects of the business. Here are some reasons why medical billing is crucial to your healthcare practice, and why we should be the company you choose to partner with.

Regulatory compliance 

All doctors and medical personnel are aware of the numerous state and federal guidelines impacting the healthcare industry. Requirements such as those laid down in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) must be adhered to with all medical billing practices, in order to stay in compliance with federal directives. One aspect of HIPAA guidelines involves the usage of uniform diagnostic codes from the ICD–10 manual issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our medical billing specialists have all received intense training in this area, so they can accurately code services delivered. Most healthcare facilities are also bound by contracts they have arranged with various insurance carriers which specify rates to be charged for many of the different medical treatments and procedures. Our billing specialists will make a point of learning the details of your contracts, so they can be sure to code and bill accurately, in compliance with the terms of those contracts. Given the fact that our coding and billing is more accurate, you can expect fewer claim denials and delays in being reimbursed for all services you have delivered.

The flow of incoming revenue 

In most doctors’ offices, the entire revenue cycle hinges on medical coding and billing, so that claims can be processed promptly, and physicians can be reimbursed for services rendered. This makes it extremely important that medical coding and billing specialists be adept at posting payments and bill adjustments, claims follow-up, resolution of claim denials, and even collections management.

When all these tasks are handled with skill and dedication, the revenue cycle of your healthcare facility will operate smoothly, and cash flow will be consistently positive. With the lifeblood of your medical practice on the line, you shouldn’t trust your medical coding and billing function to anyone but the most skilled specialists, like those at Medical Healthcare Solutions

Patient care 

You might not see a direct connection between medical billing and patient care, but the two are actually closely related and in some cases even dependent upon each other. The correct coding and billing can be critical to the healthcare process because it relates directly to insurance reimbursements. Given the fact that today’s medical environment is largely a fee-for-service one, most physicians are constantly obliged to identify any underlying conditions, preconditions, or possibly even untreated diagnoses.

When the proper medical coding is used, it can ensure that carriers receive all the correct diagnostic codes which are necessary for prompt and appropriate payments. Patient care can generally be improved when coding and billing are carried out with precision so that payments can be received in the quickest time frame.

Another way that patient care is affected by medical billing and coding is that when a physician is relieved of the necessity of performing all these administrative tasks himself/herself, it generally results in better focus on delivering medical care. For all these reasons, you should make a point of obtaining the best medical coding and billing service for your healthcare facility, and when you search for the best provider, we hope you’ll place Medical Healthcare Solutions at the top of your list.