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Framingham Medical Billing Company – Why Choose US?

In recent years, electronic medical coding and billing have been adopted by 85% of hospitals and private offices world-wide. It helps in reducing the percentage of bills and claims inaccuracy that has grown more than 30%. Moreover, we can save more than 1 million trees each year if all the medical billing is possible to perform electronically. We take the challenge seriously and thus ensure a robust electronic platform for Framingham Medical Billing. Our experts strive to revive healthcare providers, physicians, and practitioners from their administrative chores. Further, we do not restrict our impeccable services to billing and coding but also offer you world-class medical healthcare solutions. We are the largest consortium in the US and take pride to cater a Medical Billing Company – Boston, MA wide range of medical healthcare solutions with customized options.

Our attribute towards our clients:

Revenue cycle management – Error-free medical coding process is not just everyone’s cup of team. Thus, our experts with years of experience and hands-on training to ensure accuracy in terms of coding. This has provenly surges the collection of our healthcare providers. From code changes, fee schedules analysis, CCI edits, LMRP standards for coded charts, code audits for unbundling to appropriate Modifiers and PoS, that streamlining the operational processes and optimizes Revenue Cycle Management. We with the help of highly experienced medical coders, a large network of AAPC-certified, well-acquainted with the latest billing software, optimizing your revenue management to manage their revenue cycle management. 

Charge Entry – To carry out stress-free medical healthcare solutions for healthcare providers, physicians, and practitioners we start our preparation from the beginning. To reduce the revenue cycle days the complete medical billing process from entering charges / creating bills is performed electronically. In addition to this, patient’s medical codes and demographics are applied to charts through verified checks: DOS, POS, Provider Info, Units, Modifiers, CPT code, Facility billed from, Referring Doctor to reduce the chance of claim rejection. Further, CMS 1500 forms are generated that are submitted to government agencies.        

Payment posting – At BMC for Framingham medical billing, our billers provide highly efficient and analytical in the payment posting process. We understand the sensitivity of the payment posting in the billing process, thus helping to come up with an accurate and efficient payment posting process. We also support ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) posting by verifying the payment posted. A final cross-check is performed by our billers before ending payment posting.     

Account receivables – With the potential to identify category/payer combinations and work to results as the best collection. Our billers’ experience and determination help them to increase the collection ratio by reducing the days in account receivable and improving profitability. They are well versed to shortlist patient accounts that require follow-up and take necessary action to collect partial or unpaid claims. With years of hands-on practice, they have established a great understanding and relations of claim status, and know exactly how to perform their responsibility.      

Denials management – For the financial health of most practices, denials are an epidemic that needs special attention to get treated to achieve financial success. Whether you need to recover the collectibles from worker’s compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, or attorneys our billers are specially trained to recover these. For the requirement of “Appeals” in denial claims and can be time-sensitive, the billers review the most commonly denied claims, prioritize the file and send them promptly.      

Physician credentialing – Last but not least, our medical billers and coders have built a strong reputation over the years in this industry and help physicians to get introduced to new payers and networks. Moreover, they also expedite the process of credentialing with government agencies.    

Secure success in your medical practice with robust Framingham Medical Billing solutions 

Getting paid on time for your hard work is also appreciated. With BMC Framingham Medical Billing Solutions, we file claims electronically resulting in a faster turnaround time. This helps you to get paid for your hard work sooner and at the highest rate allowable. In addition, we have a comparatively lower national average that improves margins and cash flow.