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What is Physician Burnout

What is Physician Burnout?

“Physician Burnout syndrome” is a real condition in which fatigue, cynicism, and professional inefficacy associated with work-related stress becomes overwhelming and debilitating, according to the Association for Psychological Science. While some level of stress is expected, particularly in the medical field, at some point these stressors can become overbearing, leading some physicians to contemplate leaving the profession or worse.


Physicians are the ones on the front lines of patient care. While other types of professional burnout can be devastating, this is particularly true of doctors because they tend to suffer it more severely. According to Definitive Healthcare, physician burnout manifests itself in many ways, such as:

  • Lack of enthusiasm for work
  • Growing cynicism about patients or career
  • Low sense of self-worth

As a result, these feelings can lead to poor job performance, abandonment of the profession, and in rare cases even suicide. Healthcare researchers are trying to pinpoint the root causes and manage this physician burnout at the organizational level. Some types of physicians experience more burnout than others. Those in critical care experience the highest, followed by emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and general surgery.

The Patient Side

Burnout doesn’t just affect the doctor, but the patient as well. That’s because this condition can negatively impact a doctor’s mental state and career, leading to a decrease in patient care quality. Not only are higher rates of medical errors reported in those with burnout, patient access, and overall experience are negatively impacted. Physicians suffering from burnout say that they are quick to cut down on office hours and even respond in a negative or clipped manner when interacting with patients.

Causes of Physician Burnout

The causes of physician burnout are highly individualized, and many doctors feel multiple sources of burnout. Medscape says the following are the top causes for physician burnout, in order of importance:

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks
  • Too many hours at work
  • Not enough income
  • Increasing computerization of practice
  • Impact of Affordable Care Act
  • Difficult patients
  • Too many appointments daily
  • Lack of professional fulfillment
  • Difficult colleagues or staff
  • Inability to keep up with current research

Also included in the Medscape report is that women (51%) experience burnout more often than men (43%) and those between age 46 and 55 are most likely to experience burnout. Physicians that are burned out report not exercising as much as they should, with low motivational levels. Sometimes, volunteering, doing mission work, or working with church groups adds to the stress of their lives rather than relieves it. A third of burned out physicians say they have minimal savings compounded by unmanageable debt.

In many cases, physicians reported feeling overwhelmed with administrative tasks that detract from their ability to spend time with their patients. Research shows the average physician spends two hours on administrative tasks for every hour that they interact with patients.

One way to mitigate this is to make office tasks more streamlined. Instead of handling billing issues, which can suck up a large portion of a doctor’s day, outsourcing this to a medical billing provider would be a better use of time. By decreasing time spent on mundane tasks, the physician is freed up to spend more quality time with each patient. This can take away a bit of the stress that so often overwhelms physicians on a daily basis.

Contact Medical Healthcare Solutions

We can help. From mobile medical billing solutions to revenue cycle management, Medical Healthcare Solutions can help physicians reduce their chances of burnout by handling the time-consuming tasks of running a practice. Contact us at 800-762-9800 or fill out our convenient online form.

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How Medical Healthcare Solutions’ Surgical Billing Expertise Can Make Your Next Operation Easier

If you own a surgical practice, you know how busy things can get, not only in regards to a full schedule of operations on a daily basis but on the billing end as well. If you’ve been managing your surgical billing in-house up till now, you may feel you’re spinning your wheels. Perhaps your office manager squeezes in this duty between other tasks, or maybe you do have a small billing department that is trying to keep up with this job. But all those resources could be bleeding you dry in money and in time. You’re an expert at your job, to be sure, but do you have the time or knowledge of complex surgical billing procedures? Probably not.

The solution could be the use of an outsourced surgical billing services. Isn’t it time you made your next operation easier? Consider that the financial strength of your practice is directly tied to on-time billing and account reimbursement. You need a company with experience necessary to tackle the complex areas posed by surgery billing and modifiers.


There are several benefits to outsourced surgical billing, including:

  •      Improved collections process
  •      More timely income
  •      Accelerated payments
  •      Reduced stress
  •      24/7 accessibility to patient data and financial information
  •      Transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  •      Comprehensive financial and practice management reporting

In addition to all these benefits, you get peace of mind knowing your surgical billing is being overseen by professionals with training in this area of expertise. Your income will go up and post-surgery tasks will go seamlessly. Let your existing employees do what they were hired to do, and leave the surgical billing services to an outside party with the expertise necessary to maximize your reimbursements. That means you can get back to doing what you love: surgery. All without the complications that come with the billing side of things.

In order to be successfully reimbursed for your surgeries, you need someone who can easily handle coding complexities, complicated procedure rules and vast contractual adjustments. You need someone who can monitor payment information and patterns, as well as track underpayments.

To accomplish this, you need a trusted partner on your side.

What MHS Does

Here at Medical Healthcare Solutions, we are backed by decades of surgical billing experience and service to the healthcare community, offering complete medical billing, electronic health records and practice management services for healthcare professionals such as surgeons. Here’s a look at what we offer:

  •      Comprehensive surgery billing services and collections
  •      Computer system and software designed for surgery facilities
  •      Certified Professional Coders on staff dedicated to getting you maximum reimbursement
  •      Patient input and statements and follow-up
  •      Full electronic claims and AR management
  •      Multi physician/multi-location practices are easily assimilated
  •      Complete revenue cycle management
  •      Coding
  •      Physician credentialing and recredentialing
  •      Customized information reporting and performance monitoring

It’s time you managed your cash flow systems as efficiently and as accurately as you can via an automated surgical billing service designed to assist you in running your practice more efficiently. Contact Medical Healthcare Solutions to learn more on how you can achieve this at 800-762-9800 or fill out our online form today.

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